A one-month investigation by multiple Massachusetts law enforcement agencies resulted in the arrests of two men on drug possession and distribution charges in Easton. According to the Easton Police Department, the investigation focused on a 27-year-old man from North Easton and another man, 34, of Plymouth.

Suspecting the men sold heroin and cocaine, law enforcement attempted to pull the men over in a car at Belmont and Washington streets. The men drove away on Route 138. Police pursued and saw the men throwing objects from their vehicle. Police recovered the thrown-away items and said they were drugs. Eventually, the vehicle stopped, and police arrested the men.

Law enforcement executed a search warrant upon one of the men’s homes on Lincoln Street. The search and seizure produced $800 in cash, 4.6 grams of heroin and 5 grams of cocaine, police said. Prior to their court appearances, the men were held in jail on cash bails of $5,000 each.

A person arrested on drug charges could face serious consequences such as jail time, prison time and a criminal record that makes getting a job in the future difficult. The option of turning to a criminal defense attorney for help is open to any person in this situation. An attorney could attempt to get evidence removed from a case if law enforcement gathered it without observing the person’s Constitutional right to protection from unlawful searches. Additionally, an attorney might be able to negotiate with a prosecutor for reduced charges and a lenient sentence. If a plea bargain is not acceptable, then an attorney could defend the person during a court trial.

Source: Easton Patch, “Easton and Plymouth Man Arrested on Drug Charges,” Daniel Libon, April 24, 2015