According to reports, a Massachusetts man was taken into custody by Worcester police on Feb. 24 for multiple charges including some dating back to a 2012 investigation. Officers reportedly stopped him initially for driving with a revoked license.

The 38-year-old Worcester man was reportedly seen driving a Honda Pilot with livery license plates in the area of Endicott and Millbury Street. Worcester vice squad members were apparently in the area doing surveillance at the time. They stopped the man because an officer claimed to recognize him and to know his license was revoked.

He was taken into custody for charges dating back to a December 2012 search related to a drug investigation. At that time, officers were investigating heroin sales in the city, and during the search, they reportedly found a gun, ammunition and 85 grams of heroin along with drug paraphernalia. The man, who police say rented the apartment, was not at home at the time it was conducted. He is now charged with multiple drug and weapons crimes.

Drug charges have the potential to bring long incarceration terms, especially if they involve drug distribution. When a weapon is found along with drugs, the charges are more severe as well. People who are facing such charges may want to get help from a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. In this case, an attorney might argue about the ownership of the drugs, especially if more than one person stayed in the residence that was searched, and may thus file motions to suppress the drug and firearm evidence. Attorneys might also negotiate on behalf of their clients with the prosecuting attorney in order to secure favorable plea arrangements.

Source: MassLive, “Worcester man pulled over by police; arrested on drug and firearms charges dating back to 2012“, Scott J. Croteau, Feb. 25, 2015.