Massachusetts police raided a Malden home at 21 Ripley St. after monitoring activity at the location. They reported finding drug paraphernalia, a .22-caliber gun, ammunition and substances alleged to be cocaine and heroin. Taken into custody as part of the raid was a 24-year-old man who police had previously considered connected to a local murder.

A press release from the district attorney’s office stated that the man plead guilty to drug possession with the intent to distribute. He also acknowledged his guilt in possessing a firearm and ammunition. He had no license for the weapon.

The district attorney added that the man profited from selling illegal drugs. He alleged that the gun was in his home to protect his interest in the illegal business. The man is expected to serve at least one year in a corrections facility, but a probation violation could trigger the full 2.5-year sentence.

When criminal drug charges are made against a person, he or she has the right to speak with an attorney. An attorney might be able to advise someone about his or her rights before entering a guilty or not-guilty plea. If a prosecutor presents a plea bargain deal, an attorney could also help the person decide if the deal represents a fair offer. When a criminal defense attorney looks at the evidence, he or she might be able to assess if it is sufficient to warrant the charges. If evidence is lacking, an attorney might then push for charges to be dropped or lowered. If a case goes to court, an attorney might also advocate for a lighter sentence.

Source: Malden Patch, “Alleged Malden Drug Dealer Pleads ‘Guilty’“, Barry Thompson, March 21, 2015