A 77-year-old man whose car was hit from behind in a McDonald’s drive-thru in Boston called the police after the other driver involved fell asleep at the wheel. After the collision, the two men had attempted to exchange insurance information, but the 43-year-old man whose car had hit the other car presented a learner’s permit instead of a license as well as registration for a trailer.

According to the account given to police, the man with insufficient documents then returned to his vehicle and became unconscious behind the wheel. The other driver then summoned police for assistance. Police said the sleeping driver panicked when they woke him. After a struggle, police handcuffed him and searched the vehicle. They found a crack pipe, a jar containing crack cocaine and baggies of heroin and crack cocaine.

The man was arrested and arraigned in West Roxbury Municipal Court. The district attorney said this was the man’s fourth OUI offense. Additionally, he was charged with unlicensed motor vehicle operation and possession of both Class A and Class B substances.

In Massachusetts, multiple OUI charges can bring high fines and jail time. A person facing multiple charges might benefit from consulting an attorney. Depending on the circumstances, an attorney can advise the individual on whether to plead guilty or not. Sometimes, a defense can be made by challenging the evidence if a breath test or field sobriety test was performed incorrectly by law enforcement. If that is not a viable option, an attorney might be able to negotiate a lighter sentence if the person signs up for an alcohol or drug treatment program.

Source: CBS Boston, “Man Charged With 4th OUI After Crash At McDonald’s Drive-Thru,” March 18, 2015