Law enforcement authorities with the South Easton Police Department apprehended two men on Jan. 14 in connection with an alleged attempted robbery. Upon questioning, one of the men, a 24-year-old South Easton man, reportedly admitted to committing two robberies on Jan. 13 in addition to the attempted robbery on Jan. 14.

Officers reportedly received a call regarding an attempted robbery on Jan. 14 and responded to the White Rose Pantry convenience store on Turnpike Street. According to officers, a man had allegedly tried to rob the store while wearing a black ski mask. The man apparently did not secure any money from the store before running away.

Officers indicated they noticed a vehicle driving slowly with its lights off near another gas station a mile away. A police officer stopped the car, and the two men inside of the vehicle were detained. In addition to the 24-year-old man, the car’s passenger, a 27-year-old man, was also accused of helping in the attempted robbery. Detectives indicated the 24-year-old confessed to two other robberies at Piezoni’s Restaurant and Dunkin’ Donuts from the day before. The 27-year-old was only charged with attempted robbery for the convenience store incident.

It may be important for people facing criminal charges to begin working on developing their defense as soon as possible. Upon being arrested, instead of submitting to an interrogation, people have the right to instead remain silent and request an attorney. If people assert those rights, then law enforcement officers cannot attempt to question them further. A lawyer could help a defendant avoid making incriminating statements, which could be used by prosecutors to secure a conviction.

Source: Easton Patch, “South Easton man in ski mask arrested for store robberies,” Paige Mcatee, Jan. 16, 2015