On Dec. 10, Massachusetts authorities took 16 people into custody after they were accused of being involved in a drug trafficking operation. According to a police spokesperson, the operation mainly targeted those who were thought to be street-level or mid-level heroin and cocaine dealers throughout the city of Springfield.

The officers reportedly purchased drugs from each of the 16 dealers, which provided them with the grounds to seek arrest warrants. Six of the individuals were already in police custody but were served with new charges for distribution of a controlled substance. The other 10 individuals were also charged with either distribution of a controlled substance, distribution of heroin or distribution of cocaine. The 10 individuals who had not been in police custody were taken less than 24 hours after the authorities raided a home in Indian Orchard and seized an unknown amount of heroin and cocaine.

All but one of the individuals who were accused of drug distribution were identified as Springfield residents, with one individual being identified as an Indian Orchard resident. They included men and women with ages that ranged between 27 and 42. It was not stated when they were scheduled to appear in court.

Drug trafficking or distribution of controlled substance charges often carry serious penalties, including a jail sentence. Regardless of the charges a person may be facing, an attorney may, depending upon their client’s unique set of circumstances, develop a strong defense against the charges. The type of defense an attorney may use may depend upon the evidence the prosecution has against the accused person. For example, if the prosecution claims that the accused person sold drugs to a police officer, the attorney may argue that their client was entrapped into the crime.

Source: Mass Live, “Springfield police anti-drug sweep results in 16 arrests“, Patrick Johnson, December 10, 2014