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Man drives Jeep into restaurant, charged with OUI

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Police in Massachusetts say that a 36-year-old man who drove his Jeep into a TGI Friday’s on Dec. 17 was under the influence. However, the man refused to take a Breathalyzer test following the accident.

Witnesses say the man was drinking in the restaurant with two women prior to the accident. Both of the women were subsequently injured in the accident. One had a head injury, and the other was suspected of having a broken arm.

The man backed his Jeep into the glass front doors of the restaurant. The glass was shattered and the restaurant sustained significant damage. He was then charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor causing serious bodily injury, driving to endanger and operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor (second offense).

An individual facing a drunk driving charge as a second offense could face severe penalties. These types of charges can also have repercussions in an individual’s personal and professional life. As a result, the man may wish to work with an attorney on his defense.

In a similar case, with no Breathalyzer results available, an attorney might argue that there is no evidence that the man was impaired. The accident itself may have been caused by any number of factors unrelated to being under the influence including reckless driving, mechanical failure or some sort of distraction.

Another option might be a plea deal with the prosecutor. In a plea deal, an individual agrees to plead guilty to some charges and avoid a court trial. This saves the court time and money and might result in a lighter sentence for the individual.

Source: Framingham Patch, “Maynard man charged with OUI after crashing Jeep into TGI Friday’s“, Susan Petroni, December 18, 2014