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What rights does one who is accused of a criminal charge have?

When people are charged with a crime in Massachusetts, it is not uncommon for many of them to be unaware of the rights they have. People who are accused have both constitutional and statutory protections in place to ensure their rights are guarded.

2 Massachusetts men accused of drug, weapons offenses

Two Massachusetts men were facing charges after being taken into police custody following a raid on Oct. 16. The men, 29 years old and 22 years old, were from Stoughton. The raid occurred on Pratts Court near Route 27.

Police raid leads to charges for heroin trafficking

Two men in Massachusetts were taken into custody on Oct. 3 after authorities allegedly found marijuana, heroin and packaging materials in their Springfield apartment. Police say the 20- and 27-year-old men are both suspected of supplying heroin to gang members and dealing heroin around Western Massachusetts. Before the men were handed the drug charges, their apartment had reportedly been under surveillance by detectives who believed it was being used as a drug distribution center.

How long will I lose my license for OUI in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, individuals suspected of operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol can lose their licenses for varying amounts of time depending on their specific circumstances. Factors of note include the age of a driver as well as the number of prior OUIs on their record, with longer suspensions for individuals under the age of 21. Additionally, individuals who refuse chemical testing may face longer penalties than the 30-day minimum for those whose BAC levels are revealed to be greater than .02 percent.

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