A Massachusetts woman was taken into police custody on Sept. 9 after she was accused of attempting to sell drugs to underage individuals. The report stated that the 49-year-old woman was ultimately charged with possession and intent to distribute drugs to a minor and drug violation while being near a school or a park.

Authorities were called to a skate park located in Lower Jackson Square in Weymouth after a teenager allegedly told his parents that a woman had tried to sell him pills around 3:30 p.m. Once police officers arrived at the park, a 15-year-old also emphasized these accusations. The woman was said to be persistent even after the teenagers declined.

Once a teenager identified the woman for the officers, they took her into custody. They reportedly found the woman to be in possession of clonazepam and amphetamine pills. When she was interviewed by the authorities, she stated that she was just trying to joke with the kids when she asked them to purchase drugs from her.

The severity of the consequences for a drug possession charge depend upon certain factors such as the drug amount and class it falls into under Massachusetts law. If several witnesses make it difficult to assume an aggressive defense, an attorney may advise their client to consider a plea bargain. If an attorney is successful in negotiations with prosecutors, the defendant’s charges may be reduced or dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to lesser violations. A favorable outcome may then help an individual avoid lengthy prison sentences and any severe fines that may come with a conviction.

Source: myFOXboston.com, “Woman arrested after allegedly attempting to sell drugs to kids“, Ashley Troutman, September 10, 2014