Police suspect that a man who drove his jeep down a jetty into Parkers River Aug. 31 may have been intoxicated. The incident occurred in Yarmouth in the vicinity of the Red Jacket Inn. The 30-year-old Brewster man was driving a Jeep SUV with a canoe attached to the roof when he drove over an embankment and landed in the water.

According to reports, the Jeep ended up in a position where it was completely submerged, but the boat strapped to the roof appeared to be on top of the water as if it had overturned and was floating. Guests at the inn reported that there had been a boating accident, and workers entered the water to rescue any victims. However, when they reached the boat and tried to upright it, they realized they were standing on top of a vehicle.

Additional searching revealed that the driver had escaped from the Jeep. Police say that when they found the man, he was wet and covered in sand. They claim that he was hostile and threatened officers. Police took the man into custody on charges related to OUI. After his arraignment, he was let out on bail. Although police suspect the man was intoxicated, there is no mention of test results that would support this theory.

A person convicted of an OUI charge will lose their driver’s license, and repeat offenders face additional, stiffer penalties. Anyone who is facing an OUI charge may wish to speak with an attorney with experience in criminal law to help them begin building a defense. This usually involves an examination of police records and paying particular attention to the methodology used by law enforcement officers in performing tests and conducting searches.

Source: WNDH.com, “Suspected drunk man drives into Yarmouth river”, Kimberly Bookman, September 03, 2014