After receiving several complaints from upset neighbors, the Springfield Police Department investigated a local neighborhood. Four men were eventually arrested on drug charges for supposedly buying and selling heroin in the area. The Massachusetts men now face serious accusations for their alleged activities.

Many neighbors began calling the police station and complaining about possible drug activity in the area. The police decided to investigate their claims. Narcotics detectives supposedly began a surveillance operation in the neighborhood. Shortly after the investigation began, the police arrested two men who they believe were dealers, and two other men accused of being buyers were arrested subsequently.

The first two men, the alleged dealers, were arrested near a dumpster. They were each charged with possession of heroin with the intent to distribute, conspiracy and violating the stipulations of a Drug Free Park Zone. The officers supposedly seized $300 in cash and 150 bags of heroin from the two men. The two buyers face charges of possession of heroin because they supposedly bought six bags of heroin from the accused dealers.

Despite the accusations by Massachusetts police officers, these men are all presumed innocent until, and only if, proven guilty. As their criminal process for their drug charges moves forward, they will be faced with multiple paths to choose in their criminal defenses. By obtaining information relating to their specific circumstances, these men will likely be able to form a solid defense. Additionally, the opportunity may arise for one or more individuals to negotiate a plea bargain, which should be accepted only if the person believes it is the best decision for them given the totality of the circumstances.

Source:, “Springfield Police Arrest Four Men on Drug Charges”, Ryan Trowbridge, Aug. 8, 2014