After an investigation headed by multiple divisions of both state and local police departments, 32 people were recently arrested in Fall River. Out of the 32 arrested, 21 of these individuals are suspected drug dealers who allegedly sold illegal substances to undercover officers. These people face varying drug charges associated with their alleged crimes, and the Massachusetts officers purportedly have 18 more arrest warrants in relation to the sweep.

The goal of the drug sweep was supposedly an effort at “cracking down” on suspected drug activity in Fall River. The investigation began in June when undercover agents supposedly began making controlled purchases of drugs, including heroin, cocaine and prescription pills. Specific details about these alleged transactions as well as the arrests of the accused individuals were not publicly provided.

Other police departments also conducted drug sweeps at the same time as those in Fall River, and supposedly, each other jurisdiction also arrested around 20 drug dealers. In Fall River, 21 suspected drug dealers were arrested on warrants, and 11 more arrests were made on the spot –presumably for drug charges. The specific charges that these individuals face are unclear at this time.

This Massachusetts operation was a large-scale drug sweep in which dozens of people were arrested and now face drug charges. However, in situations such as these, it may be difficult for the prosecution to prove exactly who was responsible for which alleged crime. Therefore, it becomes increasingly crucial that each defendant gather knowledge about their own specific charges in order to prepare a solid criminal defense to contest the accusations brought against them.

Source: The Herald News, “20 suspected drug dealers arrested in Fall River“, Brian Fraga, July 31, 2014