For a parent, choosing a pediatrician can be a stressful task. Not only do parents want to take their children to credible, experienced pediatricians, but parents also want to be able to go to a pediatrician they feel they can trust. For over 30 years, parents in Massachusetts and in other states entrusted a pediatrician with their children’s care. However, much to the shock of people who have known him and have worked with him, that man now faces criminal charges for child pornography.

The pediatrician worked in another state for more than 30 years straight, and then he retired and moved to Massachusetts. He has been working part-time in our state since 2011. The pediatrician was under investigation here for an unknown amount of time, and he was recently arrested.

Reportedly, federal authorities were investigating online file sharing concerning child pornography. The investigators claim that they discovered explicit images of children on the pediatrician’s computers. They arrested the man on charges of possession of child pornography as well as distribution of child pornography. If convicted of these charges, the pediatrician faces up to 20 years imprisonment for the distribution charges and up to 10 years for the possession charges.

The man had a lengthy career as a pediatrician, and his Massachusetts coworkers were reportedly shocked to hear the accusations against him. As he prepares to defend against his criminal charges, the pediatrician’s defense team will likely focus on the specifics of the accusations as compared to each element of each crime charged. Every effort will be made to pinpoint areas of legal challenge with respect to the evidence that prosecutors expect to offer in support of the allegations in court. An opportunity to negotiate a plea deal may also present itself, and the pediatrician would then be able to choose whether to accept the offer or challenge the prosecutors to try to prove their case according to the precise requirements of our criminal justice system.

Source:, “Former Orange County Pediatrician Charged with Child Porn Possession“, , June 24, 2014