After a man was pulled over during a traffic stop, he was eventually arrested under suspicion of drug crimes. During the traffic stop, the investigating Massachusetts officer claimed that the man had multiple false identities, and the officer arrested him. It is not clear how, but the officers were able to obtain a search warrant on his apartment. They allegedly found a large amount of drugs within the residence, and drug charges were added to the man’s motor vehicle charges.

The man was driving his car in Worcester when a Massachusetts State Police officer pulled him over for unknown reasons. When the officer approached the vehicle and began to question the man, the officer claimed that the car the man was driving was improperly registered. Supposedly, the name under which the car was registered was a false identity. The officer further claimed that the man owned invalid Social Security numbers and two different driver’s licenses.

The investigators allegedly found about 1,100 pounds of marijuana in the man’s apartment. The street value of that amount of the drug is estimated by the authorities to be around $1 million. The amount seized was apparently close to 1,100 pounds.

In cases involving drug charges such as this one, it is important for the defense to analyze whether the actions taken by the authorities were conducted properly and, therefore, legal. For example, in order for the Massachusetts authorities to legally be able to search the man’s apartment, they must have had probable cause. Moreover, it will be important to examine exactly what the warrant authorized the police to search for within the residence. If the arresting officer’s claim that the man had multiple identities does not constitute probable cause to search his apartment, then it may have an effect on his case.

Source:, “State Police Arrest Worcester Man, Seize $1M in Marijuana”, , June 27, 2014