Resulting from an incident at Logan Airport, five airport employees were recently arrested for white collar crimes. The five individuals allegedly attempted to smuggle thousands of dollars from Massachusetts to another state, and the authorities believe that this money constituted drug proceeds. The accused individuals face criminal charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States and money laundering.

Four out of the five accused individuals worked as crew members for ground operations, and the fifth person was a customer service ramp agent. The authorities claim that the persons used their airport security clearance that all employees have in order to bypass TSA checkpoints. The persons are accused of smuggling $417,000 in cash over nine transactions.

The men — four of whom reside in Massachusetts — were arrested based on the actions of an alleged informant who worked with the authorities to implicate the individuals. However, the informant has a criminal record and is residing in the country illegally, while the men accused have clean records. If convicted of the white collar crime charges, the men face up to 20 years in federal prison.

Like with any case, there are many details concerning the criminal charges that the defense teams for the accused individuals will likely want to scrutinize. One such detail is the reliability of the police informant. If it is found that any evidence that the prosecution plans to use was obtained illegally, that evidence may ultimately be ruled inadmissible in court, which would likely work to the advantage of the accused persons. As these individuals focus on the specifics that pertain to their individual cases, the legal presumption of innocence continues to protect them as the proceedings move forward.

Source:, “5 JetBlue, Delta employees accused of smuggling money through Logan Airport“, , May 29, 2014