After surveying a hotel, three men were eventually arrested under allegations of drug crimes. The authorities claim that they seized two kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and five kilograms of heroin from the men’s Massachusetts hotel room and their vehicle. The three face drug trafficking charges as well as conspiracy to violate the Controlled Drug Act.

It is not clear what led the Massachusetts state authorities along with the Drug Enforcement Administration to survey the men’s hotel room. However, once the authorities spotted two of the men leave the room with a duffel bag and get into a car, the investigators followed them and eventually pulled them over. The details of the traffic stop and subsequent search were not made publicly available, but the officers claim that they found four kilograms of heroin inside the duffel bag within the car.

Based on this information, the authorities were able to get a search warrant on the hotel room. Inside the room, they allegedly found an additional kilogram of heroin along with two kilograms of crystal methamphetamine. The two men were arrested, and the third man — who was driving a completely separate vehicle — was arrested later after a traffic stop. The officers suspect that the three men were involved in a drug trafficking ring that took drugs from Mexico and distributed them in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

As the Massachusetts defense team begins to form their arguments against the prosecution’s allegations of drug trafficking, many aspects of the case will most likely merit close analysis, such as the legality of the search, in order to ensure that all legal guidelines were met. However, an accusation of criminal activity and a conviction based upon evidence that meets the standards of Massachusetts criminal law are two very different situations. The accused individuals will have multiple opportunities to challenge the evidence presented; meanwhile, the men are ensured the presumption of innocence until, and only if, a conviction is obtained.

Source:, “State Police Seize $1 Million in Drugs, Arrest Three“, Zeninjor Enwemeka, June 7, 2014