Authorities do their best to ensure that the streets of their cities are not laden with drugs so that they can keep everyone safe. There are occasions, however, when police may be so eager to crack down on drugs that a mistake can be made. Certain types of activities could easily be misconstrued as illegal. Being convicted of drug charges is a very serious matter. If a person is convicted of drug charges in Massachusetts, he or she may be placed on probation or face a lengthy jail sentence.

Authorities reported that an officer saw three people engaging in what appeared to be a drug exchange. During a recent evening, a police officer claimed to have seen a woman and two men standing near a bar. The woman was reported to have reached her hand into the pants pocket of one of the men.

After an investigation, a policeman claimed that he retrieved crack cocaine, six packs of heroin and a prescription drug that resembled Suboxone. The man allegedly stated that the crack cocaine that the police found in his pants must have been planted. He claimed that he did not know anything about the drugs and that the woman may have slipped the drugs into his pocket when she hugged him.

The two people allegedly involved in the drug transaction were both arrested on drug charges and were taken to a Massachusetts jail. The man was charged with possession of Class A, Class B and Class E drugs and his bail was set at $1,000. The woman is being charged with possessing a Class B drug and intending to distribute and her bail is set at $100. Until all of the evidence in this case is brought forward and the exact events of the transaction are proven, both parties are considered innocent of their alleged crimes.

Source:, “Greenfield Police Arrest Two on Drug Charges”, , April 28, 2014