After an attempted armed robbery, local investigators have arrested three men that they believe were involved in the crime. The Massachusetts authorities believe that two men attempted to rob a gas station, and another man drove the getaway vehicle. All three men face criminal charges stemming from the alleged incident.

At around 2 a.m., a police officer was supposedly on patrol when the officer purportedly observed two men wearing hoodies run out of a gas station. The officer claims that the two men then got into a blue car that was waiting for them, and the three individuals sped off. The officer was unable to keep up with the car, but the officer supposedly got a description of the vehicle.

About 30 minutes later, there was a 911 call about a blue car that was supposedly on fire, and the responding officers thought that it was the same car that was connected to the armed robbery. A K9 unit was allegedly able to track the scent of two of the suspects, and the officers believe that the two were supposedly hiding. The police arrested the third suspect as he attempted to enter a cab.

As in any Massachusetts criminal case, the burden of producing enough evidence linking the individuals to the crime rests on the prosecution. In the meantime, each man would benefit from seeking advice concerning their specific criminal charges in order to form a persuasive criminal defense. They should also take steps to ensure that all of their legal rights are protected as they encounter what is obviously a stressful time.

Source:, “Three Suspects Arrested Following Attempted Armed Robbery in Springfield”, , May 13, 2014