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Passenger and driver faced with drug charges after speeding

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Drug Charges

People who are arrested on drug charges can face very serious consequences if the prosecution obtains a conviction. Although Massachusetts authorities are only trying to do their job, there can always be a chance for an error. If a person is convicted on drug charges, the repercussions are very serious and can lead to extensive time spent in a penitentiary or heavy monetary fines, depending on the circumstances.

According to a Massachusetts state trooper, a car was traveling over the speed limit, and appeared to be weaving in and out of the lanes. When the officer pulled over the driver, he claimed that the male driver was nervous and sweaty. The female passenger was allegedly fidgeting and kept moving her hands near her waist and under her jacket.

Investigation ultimately revealed that the female passenger was carrying a stun gun in her purse, according to police. Underneath her various undergarments, police found what is believed to be cocaine and 100 pills that could potentially be Oxycodone. The driver had allegedly been trying to shove a pack of cigarettes down against the side of his seat. Police reportedly found what appeared to be cocaine inside of the cigarette pack.

Both individuals were arrested with intended drug distribution. The driver was also charged with speeding and driving without a license. His passenger was charged with owning a stun gun and drug trafficking.

In total, police claim to have found more than 30 grams of cocaine as well as the alleged painkillers. Though these drug charges are now pending against both people, they are considered innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law. Both pleaded not guilty to their charges and are scheduled to appear again in a Massachusetts court at the end of April.

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