Local authorities try their best to keep the streets safe for drivers as well as everyone and everything in their surroundings. Being charged with drunk driving in Massachusetts can dramatically change a person’s life and is a very serious matter. Those who are convicted of driving under the influence can possibly lose their license, be fined or spend time in a penitentiary. It is very important that these types of charges are not made hastily and that they are accurate.

Local authorities received several 911 calls about an accident that occurred after a man was injured. A woman and her husband were reportedly on the side of the road walking when the accident happened. Police found the man lying in the street with serious injuries. He was first treated by the fire department and then was transported to a local hospital. The wife, however, was fortunately unharmed.

According to police, an initial investigation shows that a female driver allegedly struck the man and continued driving. She was claimed to have hit other objects on the way after she left the scene of the accident. The woman’s vehicle was located about a half-mile away from where the accident took place. Police closed down the road while they were performing the investigation.

The woman was charged with several allegations, including drunk driving, fleeing the scene of an accident, speeding and seriously harming another person. The Agawam Police Department Traffic Bureau, with the assistance of the Massachusetts State Police, are still investigating this crash. Until the investigation is complete and evidence is gathered, the woman is innocent until proven guilty of the charges that are being brought against her.

Source: masslive.com, “Pedestrian seriously injured in Agawam accident; driver charged with drunken driving“, Patrick Johnson, April 17, 2014