If a person is accused of being involved with drugs, the repercussions for getting convicted can land him or her into a lot of trouble with the law. Massachusetts authorities do what they can to keep the streets clean because of all of the dangers associated with drugs, such as health conditions and even death. Though most media outlets do their best to cover the most accurate story possible, there are occasions in which the whole story does not come out. Being faced with drug charges is a very serious matter and the person being charged should be tried in a court of law rather than in the court of public opinion.

After a recent six-month investigation, authorities broke up an alleged drug ring, resulting in the arrest of two men. One of the men owned a hauling business and he was allegedly using his vehicles to transport heroin and cocaine. According to an affidavit, the drugs were stashed in secret compartments inside the vehicles. A witness claimed that the man had been engaged in this activity for over seven years.

When the men were arrested by the DEA, they reportedly had more than five kilograms of cocaine on their persons. A news team that was on the scene of the arrest stated that cash in the amount of $1.17 million was found inside a transport vehicle. There was reportedly an additional amount of cash, totaling $335,000, found inside one of the men’s homes.

The men were arrested on charges of drug possession and intent to sell. The drug charges against these men are very serious and could result in a long-term prison sentence. Until these men are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a Massachusetts courtroom with adequate evidence presented against them, however, they retain their innocence in the eyes of the law.

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