It is the job of Massachusetts authorities to clean up the streets to make them safe, but it is possible that in the excitement of catching a potential criminal, a mistake could be made. This type of mistake is very costly and can be life-changing for the person who is involved. A person who is arrested for a narcotics offense is confronting a very serious matter. The drug charges against a person can lead to extensive jail time as well as possible heavy fines. Several family members are finding this out for themselves firsthand.

A raid was conducted on an apartment after a month-long investigation by narcotics detectives. When authorities arrived to bust the suspected drug ring, a mother and her two sons were found inside. The family was alleged to have been delivering drugs around the nearby area.

Investigators also reported that the family was distributing cocaine from inside the apartment. Copious amounts of marijuana were supposedly found inside, as well as cocaine that appeared to be ready to be sold. Inside the home, authorities confiscated drug materials, ammunition and $3,790 in cash. A car was also claimed by authorities.

The mother and both sons were arrested during the raid. They were charged with selling cocaine, owning ammunition, possessing marijuana and intending to sell drugs. Their court arraignment was scheduled to follow shortly after their arrest. Although the three people have been accused of drug charges, they are not necessarily guilty. All three of the people are innocent of their charges until they are proven otherwise with substantial evidence in a Massachusetts court.

Source:, “Springfield Police Arrest Three Family Members on Drug Charges”, , April 10, 2014