When people get into a disagreement, it can be very easy for emotions to run high and for things to get heated quickly. Being convicted of assault and battery charges in Massachusetts is a very serious matter. The person who is convicted may face a considerable amount of time in prison. This can also have adverse long-term effects on that person’s social life and work prospects after his or her sentence that are not easily overlooked.

An unidentified man was taken to a local medical facility for injuries reportedly obtained in a fight. Authorities reported that the man, who had suffered head injuries and damage to his face, was initially not responding to communication attempts. Although he should survive the encounter, he is still at the hospital for further treatment.

Three men were arrested in conjunction with the fight. All three of the men were arrested for disorderly conduct and assault and battery which led to someone being seriously injured. One of the men was also charged with falsely using a license. The police do not yet know what started the altercation.

Although all of the men have been charged with assault and battery, it does not necessarily mean that they are guilty of the crime. While the charges against these men are very serious, there may be extenuating circumstances that have not yet been revealed in this case. Until all of the facts and evidence have been reviewed — and guilt has been proven — in a Massachusetts court, the men retain their innocence in the eyes of the law.

Source: masslive.com, “Amherst police arrest 3 on assault and battery charges early Sunday morning in altercation that sent 1 to hospital“, Diane Lederman, April 14, 2014