After a long day or a lot of stress, any person would be in a hurry to get home. Any Massachusetts driver could easily stop watching his or her speedometer and go a little quicker than what is allowed. The police have a responsibility to watch the roads for any type of infraction such as speeding or drunk driving, and they do their best to keep the roads safe at the first sign of danger.

After what a woman claimed was a long day, she was pulled over by the police. Allegedly she was driving after midnight and was going faster than the posted speed limit. Reportedly, the police caught up to her when she had slowed down a little near an on-ramp and then began to driver faster again. Police claim that she was driving near 100 mph, but she was eventually pulled over.

The officer who pulled the woman over claimed that she had the smell of alcohol on her breath. She was told to perform a sobriety test but did not pass it. Her Breathalyzer test registered at a .201 blood alcohol level. After a search of the woman’s car, the police claim that they found an illegal substance that were thought to be a form of mushrooms.

The woman was charged with possessing drugs and drunk driving. Even though police obtained what appears to be a controlled substance from the car, until they are tested, she is not considered guilty. Until her Massachusetts court date, she will remain innocent of the charges brought against her.

Source:, Woman Drives 100 mph, Registers .200 Blood Alcohol Level, Mark Schieldrop, March 20, 2014