Drivers who are careless on the road are a danger to themselves and to the other people around them, including the people inside the vehicles they are operating. If a person is under the influence, it is his or her personal responsibility to realize that he or she should not get behind the wheel. Recently, a Massachusetts woman received drunk driving charges for doing just that.

A woman and her young daughter were in the car together when she crashed into a minivan. She allegedly ran through a red light and then she hit the minivan. The van was pushed into an icy pond and partially submerged. According to a video accompanying the report, inside was a woman, her two children and a teenage friend.

The video also said that when police arrived, the woman’s car was found sitting in the intersection with her child unharmed in the back seat. All four of the people in the minivan were injured, but are expected to be alright. One of the young girls received serious injuries. A police officer told a news station that the people in the minivan were very lucky because the quarry pond was deeper in the center.

The female driver is being charged with endangering her child, and she also faces drunk driving charges. Although these charges are serious, she is not considered guilty until proven so in court. If she secures legal representation before her Massachusetts court date, she will have her greatest chance for the best possible outcome for her case.

Source:, Young mom, 21, charged with drunken driving with her 3-year-old child in car?, Philip Caulfield, March 3, 2014