Online dating is something that is taken lightly by many people and sometimes these chance encounters may end up differently than both people had expected. After visiting someone in person from an online dating site, a Massachusetts woman claims she was the victim of a sex crime. She alleges that after two months of chatting back and forth over the website, she believed that she was going to be meeting up with someone whom she had known in junior high school. The two eventually decided that it would be a good idea to get together in person.

The woman alleges that she met the man in a local restaurant and afterward, he supposedly asked her to watch a movie at his residence. She claims that she was comfortable accepting the offer because of mutual acquaintances. However, once she arrived at his home, she alleges that she was raped. She put a restraining order in place and got in contact with the police.

The man that she claims assaulted her was listed as a Level 2 sex offender and had been convicted of sexual assault in the past. He had already served his time in prison for his past offenses and had been released. There are still some questions about how the man’s re-classification status changed and the investigation is ongoing.

If the man is convicted in the newer case, he could face up to a life sentence in a Massachusetts prison because this is a subsequent offense. However, even though he has been convicted in the past, it does not mean that he is automatically guilty of committing this alleged sex crime. He is innocent until there is substantial evidence presented against him to prove that he is guilty after his day in court.

Source:, Serial rapist held in attack, Julie Manganis, March 15, 2014