One of the responsibilities of the police is to keep drugs off the streets in order to provide a safe environment for everyone. When those individuals who are selling drugs are out in the open, it may be far easier for Massachusetts authorities to catch someone on drug charges. If a person is selling inside his or her place of business, however, he or she may be much harder to catch in the act.

After an eight-month investigation of two shop owners, the search came to a head. A search warrant was served to a man who owns a market in Dorchester where police allegedly found a gambit of different illegal items, including drugs, cutting agents, a large amount of cash and firearms. All of these items were apparently confiscated by authorities.

According to police, the first shop owner was arrested and will be facing drug trafficking charges, illegal firearm possession and possessing a firearm with a destroyed serial number. A second shop owner who was arrested was charged with intent to violate drug laws and possessing ammunition illegally. It is yet unknown how the two people are connected.

Though there are drug charges against these individuals, they are not guilty until evidence has proved otherwise. Until the unknown substances that were seized by Massachusetts police have been analyzed, authorities cannot be sure what type of substances were actually removed from the shop. Both parties would benefit from seeking legal assistance to help provide them with the best outcome possible for their day in court.

Source:, Police seize drugs, gun from Dorchester market, Haven Orecchio-Egresitz, Feb. 22, 2014