Being arrested for distributing drugs is a very serious offense accompanied by heavy repercussions. Massachusetts law enforcement has a responsibility to its residents to keep the streets clean by placing people who distribute drugs behind bars. Those who face drug charges could be paying heavy penalties and spend some time in jail for the crime.

Two men are being accused of allegedly completing a drug transaction while they were aboard a train. Detectives are claiming that they saw a drug change hands between the two men. The drug the detectives believed that they saw being exchanged was an amphetamine. Authorities say that the transaction occurred in the late afternoon when the train was pulling into the station.

One of the men involved is being charged with drug possession and the other is being charged with drug distribution as well as possession. The man being charged with only possession pleaded not guilty and was released, and he will be attending a pretrial in the future. The other man will be called to court to answer his indictment in a municipal court.

Even though both of the men are being brought up on drug charges, they are not necessarily guilty of the crime and are innocent until proved otherwise. It may be difficult for Massachusetts authorities to have enough evidence to prove that the hand-to-hand transaction that they witnessed was in fact a drug deal. Both of the men may benefit greatly from seeking legal representation to have with them during their court appearance.

Source:, 2 charged after T detectives allegedly witness drug deal on Red Line train, Catalina Gaitan, Feb. 21, 2014