Law enforcement patrol the streets in an effort to keep all drivers safe. That job does have some risk involved when working on a Massachusetts highway. One of the ways that a trooper can be injured while doing his or her job is when a person is speeding. Another potential way an officer can be injured is from a person who is drunk driving.

During the late evening on Feb. 10, a crew was working on some lights on the turnpike. The road was to be blocked by a state trooper so that the work could be completed. As the trooper was closing off the lane, his cruiser was hit by a car.

A female driver was allegedly driving under the influence when she hit the trooper. The trooper received injuries and was taken to a medical facility and was later released. A video accompanying a media report indicated that the trooper was lucky this time. He was able to call for help on his own. This was the fourth time that he was hit while on patrol.

The female driver was charged with several violations, which included operating under the influence. She is scheduled for an appearance in a Massachusetts court next month. Although she has been charged with drunk driving and several other violations, she has not been proven guilty. Until proven guilty, anyone who is charged is considered innocent and can seek legal assistance. To help this driver achieve the best possible outcome, she may benefit from having legal representation with her during her court appearance.

Source:, Drunken driver slams into trooper’s cruiser on Pike, police say, Jack Harper, Feb. 11, 2014