Local and federal authorities are banding together to make some changes by cleaning up the streets. By combining forces, both are looking to rid Massachusetts of drugs, guns and gangs which have an adverse effect on the community. Drugs have been known to lead to health issues and, sometimes, death. Because the stakes are so high, drug charges can amount to long jail sentences and hefty penalties for those involved with using and distributing them.

Recently a large drug raid was under investigation, and it appears that nine men that could be facing drug charges. Authorities are on the lookout for one man who has not yet been found. The group of people in question allegedly were distributing a myriad of different drugs as well as “molly,” which is a condensed version of ecstasy.

The 34-year-old in question is wanted for distributing cocaine. If convicted, he could face a maximum of 40 years in prison with a mandatory sentence of at least five years. He also could face fines and have years of supervision once he is released from prison. Each of the other men involved are potentially looking at varied sentences and penalties.

Even though he is wanted on drug charges, that does not necessarily mean that he is guilty. There may be other parts of the story that are not yet known by police in his case. Until he and the others involved in the drug ring are proven guilty in a Massachusetts court by the strict standard that our criminal justice system demands, they still remain innocent and will have their day in court to defend against the formal accusations.

Source: enterprisenews.com, Brockton man wanted on drug charges, Maria Papadopoulos, Feb. 3, 2014