Drugs are known for potentially causing health problems and even death, in addition to contributing to many of a community’s ills in Massachusetts. These may include crime and poverty, among other social issues. This is why people who end up being convicted of drug charges can face serious consequences, particularly if they were found guilty of the trafficking or distribution of drugs. Before any conviction can take place, however, a person’s guilt must be proved according to the strict requirements of our criminal justice system.

A total of 11 people who were arrested in connection with a pill trafficking ring were recently arraigned. Police discovered the ring following an investigation, during which they apparently heard that the individuals were involved in transactions dealing with Percocet, oxycodone and OxyContin pills. The person who is believed to have led the ring faces several charges, including conspiracy and drug trafficking.

The other people who were arrested face similar charges, including drug possession and money laundering. Other charges included firearm possession and misleading police. Four other people who are believed to have been involved in the ring were still at large, according to police.

It is necessary for the government in Massachusetts to prove the drug charges beyond a reasonable doubt in order for the accused people to be convicted. This is particularly essential for the drug trafficking charge, as this is a felony accusation that is typically more serious than a simple drug possession charge. People who face drug charges have the right under the law to safeguard their best interests as they fight to achieve the best result under the facts and circumstances of their case.

Source: Salem News, 15 face charges in drug ring, Julie Manganis, Jan. 24, 2014