A Massachusetts mom is facing criminal charges after law enforcement has reportedly connected her to a party thrown by a teenager. It is believed that the mother approved of the party, where underage teenagers were consuming alcohol. The mother is facing criminal charges for both providing alcohol for a minor and keeping a noisy and disorderly house.

Reports indicate that there were many teenagers present and drinking at the party, including one of the defendant’s children. Massachusetts police have the discretion to charge individuals for underage drinking. Law enforcement has stated that the mother had advance notice of the party and that she did nothing to prevent the alleged breaking of the law. It is believed that there is a text message that will be used as evidence against the defendant, supposedly proving the charges she faces.

In addition to the criminal charges that she is facing, the mother is also facing a violation of a city ordinance which states that the homeowners will be responsible for parties held on private property. This also includes gatherings where underage drinking has occurred. Apparently, the mother has already violated this ordinance once when police were called to the home.

While underage drinking is a crime, it is not clear what concrete evidence the police have against the mother. To be convicted, she must be proven guilty beyond doubt and until then, she is considered innocent in the eyes of the law. The defendant has the right to prepare a defense strategy to fight against any criminal charges she could face if she so chooses.

Source: Wicked Local, Melrose mom faces charges after teens’ drinking party, Jessica Sacco, Jan. 7, 2014