A sex crime can include several types of crimes. A story involving a Massachusetts man has made headlines once again after he faced additional charges for a sex crime. This is not the first time the man has faced charges of this nature.

The man pleaded guilty for charges that resulted from an incident that occurred three years prior. He was charged for exposing himself to an 8-year-old girl at Walmart. The 33-year-old man was already listed as a Level 3 sex offender because of an incident similar in nature that involved a 9-year-old female, which also occurred at a Walmart. He was convicted in that incident.

Because the man pleaded guilty, it was not necessary for the victim to testify. As a result of the guilty plea, a sentence of 3-1/2 to 7 years in prison will be suspended. His sex offender status will still be in place, however. It was not mentioned if his sex offender status will be changed in any way.

Although this case is clearly serious in nature and the man has been convicted at least twice of the same type of crime, he is still due his day in court and allowed to plea the way he feels is appropriate. When a person has already been convicted, it can change the way they plea when facing future charges. If a Massachusetts resident is facing their first charge for a sex crime, they may be eligible for a plea bargain. By doing so, they could receive a lighter sentence such as probation or possibly house arrest. The only way for a person to know what he or she could be facing is by understanding their rights under the applicable laws and determining the best action to take.

Source: Salem Patch,Salem Walmart Sex Crime Suspect Pleads Guilty, Marc Fortier, Jan. 14, 2014