A Boston man has recently been arrested, stemming from an alleged drug sting at the Brook House condominiums in Brookline. Massachusetts police arrested him for supposedly selling heroin at various locations throughout the area. The man faces various drug charges related to the incident.

According to the arrest report, three confidential informants for the police department informed police of three specific locations where the man supposedly sold drugs. Two of the three informants claim that they had bought drugs from the man in the past, and they stated that the man only sold from the specified locations. They also said that the man could be carrying a handgun and a knife.

After giving police information, one of the informants complied with a police request and agreed to help in a sting operation. The plan involved the informant meeting with the man at one of his locations near the Brook House condominiums for the purpose of buying heroin. Once the deal was made, police followed the man after he got in his car, conducted a traffic stop and arrested him. Two bags of heroin were supposedly seized during the arrest.

Massachusetts police arrested the man for drug charges, including possession of a controlled substance, driving with a suspended license and drug distribution in a drug-free school and park zone. Regardless of the charges an accused individual is faced with, every person accused of a crime is innocent until — and only if — proved guilty in court. Additionally, every accused person normally benefits from gathering information regarding applicable laws and procedures as he or she begins to prepare a criminal defense.

Source: Wicked Local Brookline, Drug sting at Brook House leads to heroin arrest, Ignacio Laguarda, Dec. 10, 2013