A Massachusetts man, who has made it his profession to help others in legal concerns, has now found himself in the position of possibly needing assistance of his own. The man has been accused of attempting to provide a client with illegal substances. He is now facing drug charges in this alleged incident.

The man, who is 45, has been charged with making use of his privileges as counsel in order to bring a controlled substance into the county jail facility. The alleged drug is reportedly used to aid persons who are fighting addictions to overcome them. However, this medication is also reportedly subjected to being used inappropriately.

The man who has been charged in this alleged crime is currently in custody. He has denied any wrongdoing in regard to the charges that have been filed against him. A statement made by his representative has implied that he is not in a position to afford a set bail of $2,000.

As this incident has shown, anyone can be caught up in accusations of wrongdoing, no matter the status or profession of the one who has been accused. This man is regarded as innocent in the eyes of the Massachusetts justice system at this time. He is entitled, as is any citizen of the state who has been accused of a crime, to a presumption of innocence in connection to the drug charges that have been filed. As his case proceeds, he may indeed be found to be innocent of any criminal activity. In the meantime, he will most likely obtain any information he feels is useful as he seeks a resolution to this situation.

Source: boston.com, Mass. lawyer facing drug charges, No author, Nov. 14, 2013