When news of a Massachusetts criminal arrest reaches the public, the reaction can be very severe. People have a tendency to forget that the initial report surrounding an alleged crime is often very one-sided, and almost never includes the perspective of the accused individual. In many cases, those who face serious criminal charges begin to feel negative effects of those allegations long before the matter reaches a court of law.

Such may be the case for a man who was recently accused of possession of child pornography. He works as a janitor at a local school, and news of his arrest has caused shockwaves throughout the community. He has been placed on administrative leave while the case moves forward. Furthermore, his name and photo have been displayed on various media outlets.

Police allege that a laptop found within the man’s home contained more than 300 images of child pornography. They claim that they became aware of the man based on a tip from an online community that works to ensure the safety of children. There is no word on what information led them to search the man’s home, or if anyone else resides at the residence.

As this case moves forward, additional details may arise. In the meanwhile, the Massachusetts man accused of this serious crime will have to prepare his defense. Reports indicate that he has already entered a plea of not guilty in relation to the charges. In many cases, criminal charges are dropped or found to be unsubstantiated in the timeframe between arrest and trial. However, in cases such as this, much of the damage to an individual’s reputation has already been done.

Source: Boston.com, Franklin school janitor faces child porn charges, No author, Nov. 14, 2013