Massachusetts residents may not be aware of the specific number of drug charges people face each year, but are probably used to reading about such stories in the newspaper or through other media outlets. While these sources can make a person appear guilty, that is not always the case. Unfortunately for the person accused of drug charges, there could be parts of the story missing from the media reports.

A recent incident has made headlines after a woman was accused of allegedly making up a false story about her young son having cancer and asking businesses for money to help with his treatments. Authorities have allegedly determined this story was false and the boy did not need treatment nor did he have cancer. Police stated that such a scam can be common for individuals addicted to illegal drugs.

The woman was arrested following an incident in which a neighbor witnessed a man carrying a pillowcase and then entered a vehicle. The neighbor then notified authorities after obtaining the license plate and the vehicle was stopped a short time later. The woman and other individuals are now facing drug charges and Child Protective Services is involved.

The three Massachusetts residents have had their initial day in court and are each facing their own separate charges. They have also been ordered to comply with CPS and what they are ordered to do. They are due back in court to face their charges, which may involve them preparing a vigorous legal defense against the accusations. Others facing similar drug charges may want to investigate their rights under the applicable state laws so they can determine the best way to move forward with a necessary defense.

Source:, Trio faces drug charges, Ed Baker, Oct. 29, 2013