Drug charges can result from several different types of drug crimes. Readers may be used to reading about drug crimes in the paper. A recent Massachusetts raid has left one man facing drug charges among other things.

During the house raid, the police found drugs, money, and numerous dogs that were living in unfit conditions. Reports state that the man’s home was surrounded with cameras. Officers discovered 1,500 pills and 100 grams of cocaine as a part of their search. Several guns were also found which added to his charges which include unlawful possession of a firearm. At least two of the guns were reportedly stolen.

According to neighbors, the man had occupied the home with his wife and children for at least 18 months. Approximately a month ago, the operation came under scrutiny by the police department. No further information was given regarding any previous charges or convictions the man has faced. Clearly, these are all very serious charges that the court system will treat as such. The man may benefit from understanding all available options as he moves forward building his defense.

Massachusetts residents facing drug charges may be best served to research applicable state and federal laws. Since every case is different, it will surely be in a person’s best interest to know what course of action could best benefit their situation. A person may be eligible for a plea bargain or have a legitimate challenge to the validity of certain accusations or the underlying evidence. Understanding the law and knowing all available options could be a person’s best chance to productively face their charges and move forward with their legal rights fully protected.

Source: Enterprisenews.com, Police seize guns, drugs, 17 pit bulls from Middleboro home, Alice C. Elwell, Oct. 4, 2013