The criminal defense for a former Massachusetts chemist has recently requested leniency in the woman’s case. The chemist faces charges of tampering with numerous drug tests at a Massachusetts crime lab. Her criminal defense is requesting leniency based on the fact that the chemist has already suffered severely because of her accused involvement in the scandal.

The chemist has been accused of marring thousands of drug tests taken by the crime lab. Prosecution also accuses her of lying during expert witness testimony and falsely stating that she had a master’s degree in chemistry. Supposedly, hundreds of prisoners are now being released and retried because of the tarnished lab work.

The defense has requested that the chemist receive a one year jail sentence instead of a five to seven year sentence that the prosecution is seeking if the chemist pleads guilty. The woman had been experiencing personal problems involving her husband leaving her and caring for her disabled child. Defense states that the chemist was only trying to be a hard-worker and prolific chemist, and she did not tamper evidence on purpose.

The chemist faces charges of perjury, 17 counts of obstruction of justice, eight counts of tampering with evidence and one count of falsely claiming to hold a degree. A perjury conviction could result in a 20 year sentence, and each count of tampering with evidence could carry a ten year sentence. If the criminal defense is successful in negotiating a plea deal, the chemist stands to benefit substantially. Regardless of whether a plea deal is offered or not, all accused Massachusetts citizens have the right to a fair and unbiased trial.

Source: Reuters, Lawyer for accused Massachusetts crime lab chemist asks leniency, Daniel Lovering, Oct. 18, 2013