A 32-year-old voice coach has been accused of having sexual relations with his 14-year-old student and impregnating her. The voice teacher is currently in jail on $50,000 cash bond after his arrest. Prosecutors have stated that if the Massachusetts man is convicted, he will be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in prison.

Police have questioned the girl; however, she denies having any kind of sexual relationship with her teacher. Instead, she claimed that a person who she met on the Internet impregnated her. Police then obtained cellphone records, which allegedly show thousands cellphone text messages sent between the girl and her voice teacher. Police say that many of those messages were graphic and sexual.

Police allege that the voice coach was also having sexually charged conversations with other juvenile girls on the Internet. He has been charged with the aggravated rape of an underage child. Police claim that they will charge him with more offenses pending the completion of their investigation.

This Massachusetts man will remain innocent of these sex crimes until and only if he is convicted of them in a court of law; moreover, he has the right to be tried by a jury of his peers. It is important to note that neither the child nor her mother appear to want this man to be convicted of the crimes. This may serve to help him as the case moves forward through the criminal justice system. Also, even though the text messaging evidence may have led to the man’s arrest and represent a difficult evidentiary hurdle to overcome, there are various legal defense strategies that this man can employ to better his situation in the eyes of the court.

Source: newburyportnews.com, Voice teacher, 32, accused of impregnating pupil, 14, Mike LaBella, Oct. 10, 2013