A massive head-on collision involving a mother and her daughter and a Massachusetts State Police trooper took place recently. The trooper was off duty at the time of the crash. According to a video report, police at first announced that neither alcohol nor speed were factors in the crash. Since that time, however, the trooper has been charged with drunk driving.

The mother and her daughter died as a result of the injuries they each sustained in the crash. The video report indicates that the mother died at the scene, while her daughter died later at the hospital. The trooper was seriously injured and was also taken to the hospital.

The investigation into the crash is not yet complete and information on who was to blame for the crash was not easily determined from the scene. A Massachusetts State Police Accident Reconstruction Team has been tasked with determining how the collision occurred. In addition to the drunk driving charge, the trooper also faces charges of improperly storing his weapon, driving to endanger and being in possession of his weapon while he was under the influence of alcohol. The accident reconstruction could take several weeks.

It is not known what information led authorities to change their determination that there was no alcohol involved in the accident. It will be up to authorities to prove that the trooper was drunk driving at the time of the crash and that he had not properly stored his firearm prior to the crash. The trooper may benefit from securing criminal defense counsel during the course of the investigation to ensure that his rights are protected throughout the process.

Source: necn.com, Mass. State Police trooper faces drunk driving charges after crash, No author, Sept. 30, 2013