A recent incident involving a Massachusetts man resulted in charges of assault and battery in Essex County. This is one case where assault and battery may have connections to related alcohol use, possibly causing impaired judgment in the accused. He was reported to have entered a plea of not guilty to the charges in a local district court and must appear for a pretrial conference at a later date.

According to reports, a 20-year old Westford man entered a local college dormitory where he purportedly made offensive advances on two young female students. The man apparently accompanied another male student of the college who was acquainted with the two women. One of them reportedly confronted the accused and proceeded to contact the college campus police.

An initial report did not indicate whether the man had any prior criminal record. Authorities have indicated, however, that he appeared intoxicated and confessed to having a knife in his possession at the time of the assault. Since the accused was apparently not registered at the college, reports noted he was also charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.

In Massachusetts, assault and battery charges can have severe consequences if a conviction is ultimately secured. For this individual, the best strategy will focus on a careful review of the evidence prosecutors intend to offer in support of the criminal allegations. This review will also encompass a comprehensive examination of all the facts surrounding his arrest, as well as the methods used to determine the charges. Taking his current allegations into consideration, along with any possible prior offenses and the security of a strong defense, he can work to protect his legal rights while fighting to achieve the best possible outcome.

Source: eagletribune.com, Man charged with assaulting two students at Merrimack College, Paul Tennant, Sept. 11, 2013