A recent incident involving a young Massachusetts man and woman resulted in charges of heroin possession in Plymouth County. This is one case where drug charges may not only have connections of related violence but could have major implications to all aspects of the lives of the accused individuals. They were reported to be awaiting arraignment in the district court.

After a lengthy investigation with the assistance of local and state police, a Brockton man in his early 20s and a 19-year-old woman were arrested for drug possession and trafficking. Reports said that, in addition to heroin, over $700 in cash was seized from the man. So far, there is no information leading to the connection between the drug arrest and a nearby stabbing fatality.

At the time of the incident, reports did not indicate whether the two individuals had any prior criminal records. During the investigation, a police officer reportedly found a portion of the heroin in the trunk of the suspects’ vehicle, while the majority was said to have been found on the young woman. However, both face the same criminal charges.

Drug charges in Massachusetts can have severe consequences, whether on the state of federal level. For the young man and woman in Brockton, the best strategy will offer how to defend themselves against these criminal allegations. First time offenses may have fewer penalties than multiple offenses, should a conviction ultimately be obtained. Preparation for their defense typically includes a full examination of all the facts surrounding the arrest, as well as the methods used to determine the charges. Taking into consideration their current allegations, any possible prior offenses and the security of a strong defense, they may achieve the best possible outcome.

Source: enterprisenews.com, Brockton Police charge two with dealing heroin, Morgan True, Aug. 21, 2013