Driving under the influence can have serious consequences not only here in Massachusetts but in every state. Arrests are apparently being made on the grounds of a OUI offense now more than ever. As most would imagine, a continuous offender is likely to receive harsher sentencing if convicted of the allegations being made.

According to recent reports, a man has been arrested twice in the space of three days for suspected drunk driving. After previously being arrested for his third OUI and driving with a suspended license earlier in the week, the 33-year-old male was arrested again for driving under the influence at a later date. The suspect had also been arrested for speeding under a special regulation.

It is not yet known whether these drunk driving charges against him will hold up in court. In cases like these, convicted drivers can face consequences such as jail time, loss of a driver’s license, probation time, along with monetary fines and penalties. Because of the seriousness of the results that may follow a drunk driving conviction, most suspects choose to strongly fight the charges or attempt to negotiate a plea deal.

All residents of Massachusetts are considered innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt when it comes to a suspected OUI offense. If prosecutors fail to obtain a conviction against an individual, then that person is free to continue with their normal lives. A judge or jury often have to look into all factors of a case carefully before being able to make a decision.

Source: Hingham, MA  Patch, “Hingham Man Arrested Twice in One Week for Drunk Driving,” Tony Catinella, July 15, 2013