It is always terrible news when hearing about an accident that has taken place anywhere. Unfortunately, car accidents in Massachusetts have become all too common in recent years, with many resulting in fatalities or serious injuries. When drunk driving is alleged as the cause of a motor vehicle accident, many people find it hard to have sympathy toward the individual accused of DUI.

In recent reports from local authorities, a 62-year-old male was tragically killed while waiting at a bus stop on Cape Cod. The driver of a Range Rover was pursued by police after being reported for reckless driving in another town. The driver failed to stop his vehicle and continued to flee from authorities, which caused significant damage to a number of other vehicles. A family of two adults and two children were hospitalized after the SUV collided with a Volvo on its route away from the police.

Reportedly, seven vehicles were damaged. The SUV driver SUV was charged with motor vehicle homicide and is suspected to have been driving while drunk. It was also discovered that this man’s driver’s license had been revoked in 2009 after a previous OUI offense. He had apparently not gone through the correct procedures to reinstate his license. The suspect was being held without bail.

As this case heads to a Massachusetts criminal courtroom, the seriousness of the DUI and vehicular homicide allegations demands that the accused individual carefully consider his defense. Every DUI case is unique and finding the most appropriate course of action is always crucial to achieving the most favorable result possible. The accused man retains important legal rights, and it will be the focus of his defense counsel to ensure those rights are upheld. As the case moves forward, the man may have the option of defending himself on the merits or negotiating a plea arrangement as a means of limiting his sentencing exposure.

Source:, “Chatham police release name of victim killed in Route 28 crash,” Maggie Kulbokas and David G. Curran, July 14, 2013