Two separate collisions involving a Massachusetts man and woman recently resulted in allegations of drunk driving in Bristol County. These cases are two of many where drunk driving or operating under the influence (OUI) cannot only jeopardize the well-being of other drivers and pedestrians, but cause critical injury as well. According to reports, both parties were taken into custody, and one was held on bail.

In the first collision, a South Boston man in his late thirties allegedly used his vehicle to jeopardize the safety of an oncoming driver and himself. Reports said he declined to give the right of way at an intersection causing the accident. So far, no other information has been released, other than the fact that no one was injured in the accident. There was no indication that field sobriety tests or breath tests were administered. Police will be required to substantiate the charge of OUI against this man.

In the second incident, a vehicle belonging to an Easton woman was found in some bushes off the side of the street. The woman was found not far from the location of the accident. Again, there do not appear to have been any injuries, and there is no indication given as to what led officers to believe the woman was intoxicated.

Drunk driving can have severe consequences, even when no conviction is ultimately obtained in a Massachusetts criminal court. For these individuals, the focus will now shift for each of them to determine how to defend themselves against these charges. Often, subsequent OUI convictions hold more severe penalties than first offenses. Preparation for their defense may include a full examination of all the facts surrounding the accidents as well as the methods used to determine the charges. With a strong defense in place, both parties may achieve the best possible outcome.

Source: Wicked Local Easton, “Alcohol factors in two Easton crashes,” Susan Parkou Weinstein, Aug. 13, 2013