In Massachusetts, drunk driving is treated as a serious offense that can have longtime consequences if authorities obtain a conviction. Recently, one woman found herself accused of drunk driving in not just one Massachusetts towns, but two. The 58-year-old woman is expected to face criminal charges of some sort, but it was not yet clear exactly what they will be.

She is accused of drunk driving in the first town in an erratic manner. Reportedly, the woman got into a car accident but did not stop to render aid or even speak with authorities. Instead, she proceeded to drive to a second town and was pulled over by authorities there. They had reportedly been alerted to the woman’s being possibly involved in a hit-and-run accident in the first town.

Officials from the second town who pulled the woman over claimed that they could clearly detect the scent of alcohol coming from her. She refused to admit to ingesting any liquor and also maintained that she had not been involved in any type of collision. According to her, she had hit a utility pole but not another vehicle. Authorities tested the woman’s blood-alcohol content and reported that it was well above the legal limit in Massachusetts.

However, just because authorities accuse someone of drunk driving doesn’t mean that they will automatically be convicted. Prosecutors must prove a person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to get a conviction in a court of law. Failing to do so means that accused individuals will be free to move on with their lives after having successfully defended themselves against DUI charges.

Source: Wicked Local Dover, “Coen charged with drunk driving after Sherborn crash,” Norman Miller, June 24, 2013