When an intoxicated driver decides to get behind the wheel with children in the car, he or she risks facing additional criminal charges if caught. That’s the situation that one Massachusetts man now finds himself in after a police officer pulled him over for a marked lanes violation, only to find him exhibiting signs of intoxication with his two sons in the car. In addition to drunk driving charges, the 36-year-old man now faces allegations of child endangerment.

The incident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon when a police officer narrowly avoided being struck head-on by the accused, who was driving in the center of the road directly toward him. The officer braked hard and pulled off the road to avoid a collision. He then stopped the vehicle and began to speak to the driver, who had his 7-year-old and 10-year-old sons with him.

The man admitted to the officer that he had consumed alcohol beverages before driving. The officer gave him several sobriety tests at the scene, which he failed. He was then arrested and charged with drunk driving, child endangerment and negligent driving. In addition, he was cited for a marked lanes violation.

If convicted, this man may face serious consequences for the drunk driving charge alone. A conviction on child endangerment may have repercussions beyond the criminal justice system in regards to his relationship with his sons. Therefore, it may be in his best interest to consult with someone who is knowledgeable about the criminal laws of Massachusetts. Knowing what to expect may help him plan the best possible defense against these charges.

Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette, “Spencer man allegedly drove drunk with kids in car,” Scott J. Croteau, July 15, 2013