A Massachusetts drug arrest can lead to repercussions that can affect many different areas of a person’s life. Drug convictions can often result in jail time, monetary fines, loss of reputation in the community and even loss of employment. Having more than one drug arrest can sometimes add an extra layer of complication regarding a case like this. Accused individuals facing drug charges in our state can often benefit from fully researching their rights and responsibilities under the law.


One homeless man was recently arrested for a second time this year by police in Malden. Authorities first arrested the 50-year-old man back in April after carrying out a thorough investigation into drug trafficking in the region. His second arrest came in Revere after an alleged bail violation, which prompted police to take him into custody after ascertaining his recent whereabouts.

Police officials incarcerated the man overnight and he has been charged with possessing a Class C substance in addition to drug trafficking. He may also face charges connected to his apparent default on the bail set in the earlier case. The fact that he has two drug investigations going on at the same time could make it even more imperative that this man researches his legal options.


Massachusetts officials take drug charges seriously, and this man has the further complication from having a second drug arrest take place so soon after another. Of course, an arrest does not constitute a conviction:  all accused individuals are guaranteed the presumption of innocence until and only if proven guilty. This is one of the cornerstones of our justice system, and the law places the burden of proof squarely upon the shoulders of the government.


Source: Wicked Local Malden, “Three facing heroin charges in Malden,” Nathan Lamb, May 29, 2013