Allegations of a recent domestic dispute led to Massachusetts authorities claiming they had no choice but to Taser a man twice when he supposedly resisted their attempts to take him into custody. They have now charged the man with domestic assault, assault and battery and resisting arrest. The 48-year-old man facing these accusations was set to be arraigned at the District Court in Holyoke in mid-June.

The alleged altercation began with a report of a domestic dispute taking place at an apartment in Holyoke. According to Massachusetts police, the son of the alleged victim had subdued the 48-year-old man on a fifth floor back porch. The accused man apparently refused to follow the directions of authorities who responded to the scene.

One officer reported that the man turned on him and made a threatening gesture with his fists. The officer ordered the man to comply with his instructions, but claims that the man instead made as if to move closer toward the officer. That was when the officer first Tasered the man, only to Taser him a second time after the accused individual allegedly continued resisting arrest. Authorities report that they were able to take the man into custody after that second Tasering.

Whenever Massachusetts authorities accuse an individual of charges like domestic assault or resisting arrest, it can be a scary time for accused individuals. By taking a proactive approach to researching the charges and potential consequences, such individuals may feel a greater sense of control as they move forward in the criminal defense process. It can also help to remember that all accusations must be proven true beyond a reasonable doubt, and that prosecutors do not always manage to overcome that burden of proof.

Source:, “Holyoke Man Tasered Twice by Police During Arrest,” Ryan Trowbridge, June 13, 2013